Book Review: Sophie’s Throughway By Jules Smith

Title: Sophie’s Throughway

 Author:  Jules Smith

 Published:  Published October 1st 2015 by Troubador

 Pages: 201 pages.

Summary: Sophie needs to find a way to balance the chaotic route she has been forced to walk down… a son she cannot control – diagnosed with Asperger and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), coinciding with the onset of raging hormones; a daughter she has to ensure gets attention so she doesn’t feel left out; and an ex-husband who comes and goes as he pleases.


Thanks to Publisher who provided me with a digital copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review!

The moment I read the description for this book on NetGalley I was intrigue. I’ve never read a book that focus on mental disabilities.

I have never come across someone who had an Asperger before. Although, I have a nephew and cousin who had Autism, and they are pretty timid compared to Brendon. So now I know that they are different.

All of the characters in this book stressing me out. Brendon who always use his “Asperger” to get away with everything he’s done. Karl, who left his family because he can’t stand HIS OWN son and left Sophie deal with Brendon on her own.  And of course Sophie who let his own son walk all over her. Asperger or not, you should not let your kid treated you like that. So I had to say I’m disappointed. I expected something interesting would happened but even the ending just blah.

It’s good to know what a family with Asperger had to deal day-to-day basis. How frustrating it can be and bordering dangerous.

I would recommend this book perhaps to people who dealing with a family member who had Asperger.

I gave this book

                        2.5 hearts



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