Mini Reviews #4

Faith, Vol 1 Hollywood & Vine (Faith #1) by Jody Houser (Goodreads Author) (Writer), Francis Portela (Artist)Title: Faith, Vol 1: Hollywood & Vine (Faith #1)

Author: Jody Houser (Goodreads Author) (Writer), Francis Portela (Artist), Marguerite Sauvage (Artist), Jelena Kevic-Dhurdjevic (Cover Artist), Andrew Dalhouse (Colourist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Joe Quinones (Artist)

 Publication: July 6th 2016 by Valiant Entertainment, LLC

 Pages: 112 pages.

 Summary: Orphaned at a young age, Faith Herbert – a psionically gifted “psiot” discovered by the Harbinger Foundation – has always aspired to greatness. But now this once ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and becoming the hard-hitting hero she’s always known she can be – complete with a mild-mannered secret identity, unsuspecting colleagues, and a day job as a reporter that routinely throws into her harms way! Well, at least she thought it would When she’s not typing up listicles about cat videos, Faith makes a secret transformation to patrol the night as the City of Angels’ own leading superhero – the sky-soaring Zephyr!


Thanks to Publisher for free digital ARC in exchange of an honest review!

I love this! It’s so original! I’ve never read superhero graphic novel quite like this one. The artwork was also fantastic! It’s so vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Can’t wait to read the next volume!

4 hearts

Title:  Street Magicks

Author: Paula Guran

 Published:  April 12th 2016 by Prime Books

 Pages: 384 pages.

Summary: This selection of stories some tales may be rediscoveries, others never encountered on your fictional map will take you for a wild ride through many realms of imagination.


Thanks to Publisher for free digital copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review!

The only reason I picked up this book was because I was anticipating a movie, Now You See Me 2. So I was like in this mood to read a book about magic. I didn’t even notice at first that Neil Gaiman has one story in this anthology.

The story that stuck to me the most was Painted Birds and Shivered Bones by Kat Howard. It’s about a painter and this man who could turn into a bird. Little did she knows, her painting is magic. It kinda reminds me of this Tv Show on HBO Asia about a girl who had magic drawings ability. I just find that whole drawing thing is so fascinated. Or maybe it just me projecting because I can’t draw a thing to save my own life.

  3 hearts

Title:  Octopus Pie: Volume 2

 Author: Meredith Gran

 Published:  April 5th 2016 by Image Comics

 Pages: 176 pages.

Summary: The Brooklyn stories of love, madness, nostalgia, and displeasing music continue in this second OCTOPUS PIE collection. Eve and Hanna have each other’s backs as they navigate the emotional pitfalls of twenty-something life, but there’s chaos and confusion to spare


Thanks to Publisher via NetGalley for free digital copy in exchange of an honest review!

My favorite part was, when Eve and Mor participate in the Supermarket sweeping games! Gah, I hope they have it here. I’ll win! xD

The Artwork in this volume is slightly better than the previous volume.

Octopus Pie: Volume 2 ends in a sad note for Eve and Park. Although, this is irrelevant to the review, but I’m so mad I missed my chance to read Octopus Pie: Volume 3 on NetGalley. So now I won’t know what happen next to Eve and Park.



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