BOOK REVIEW: The Privileged by Emily Hourican

the-privileged-by-emily-houricanTitle: The Privileged

 Author:  Emily Hourican

 Published:  May 31st 2016 by Hachette Ireland (first published April 7th 2016)

 Pages: 320 pages.

Summary: A gripping atmospheric story of the privileged world of three young girls.

On the cusp of adulthood, in their final year of college, they struggle to hold on to the one thing they hold dear — their friendship.

But then a split second decision one night changes everything


Thank you Hachette Books Ireland for giving me a digital copy via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

The Priviledge is about a friendship of three different girls.

Amanda, the rich and famous one in the school, the social butterfly. Laura, the shy, introverted ones. And lastly, Stella, the protective ones with strong principles. And three of them bond an unlikely friendship.

Amanda goes missing, after all these years, they decided to help Amanda for once and for all,  so Laura and Stella made a mission to go to London and search for her. Both Laura and Stella reminisce their time together in the past and trying to remember what made them drifting apart in the first place.

We always know that one person who has everything and accomplished so much but they kept complaining how terrible life is treating them. Or that one messy friend who keep making the same mistake over and over again. That who is Amanda reminds me of.

I love that despite of their [couldn’t be more] different personalities, they completed each other. They just…clicked.

I love the ending and see how Laura had become an independent woman who can stand-up for herself. And of course, I love that my ship happened. Although I’m pretty sure this one particular character would end up with someone else. So, I’m a bit surprised and happy obviously. I’m rooting for them since the beginning.

What I learned from this book is no matter how drifted afar you are from your friends, you’ll always be there the second they needed you the most. I recommended!

I gave this book




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