BOOK REVIEW: Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy


Summary: New York Times bestseller Elle Kennedy brings you a sexy new Off-Campus novel about four hockey players that can be read as a standalone

The Deal (Off-Campus #1) <.> Published:  February 24th 2015 by Elle Kennedy <.> Pages: 342 pages.

The Mistake (Off-Campus #2) <.> Published: May 6th 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform <.> Pages: 296 pages.

The Score (Off-Campus #3) <.> Published: January 11th 2016 by Elle Kennedy <.> Pages: 361 pages.

The Goal (Off-Campus #4) <.> Published: September 26th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  <.> Pages: 350 pages.


the-deal-off-campus-1-by-elle-kennedyThe Deal (Off-Campus #1)—is about Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham.

I’m in love with Hannah Wells. Despite her traumatic past, she didn’t let it set her life back. She’s smart, witty, strong and had a huge crush on Justin, the football player.

Garrett Graham needs to find a tutor so he could pass Ethics class so his GPA would be back where it should be for him keep playing in hockey team, and Hannah is the only one who passed the class with flying colors.

They made a deal to help out each other. But, could they keep one’s side of the bargain?

The Deal is funny, fast, yet a heartfelt read. I love everything about this book. My favorite from the Off-Campus series.

I gave this book



The Mistake (Off-Campus #2)—is about John Logan and Grace Ivers.

Falling in love with your bestfriend’s girlfriend is the worst feeling ever. So Logan tried everything he can to stay out of the house, that he shared with his hockey players friends, avoiding the lovey-dovey couple, Garrett and Hannah.

Until one day he accidentally ended up in Grace Ivers’s room and began their love journey.

I just can’t get into with this couple at all. Unlike Garrett and Hannah, Logan and Grace annoyed me, both of them.

I don’t know which one who annoyed me the most. Logan using Grace to get over Hannah or Grace childish reaction when she found out about it.

Not even the sex scenes could save this book for me.

I gave this book

2 hearts


The Score (Off-Campus #3)—is about Dean Di Laurentis and Allie Hayes.

This book feel like a repeat from the previous two books but with a lotsa sex. By a lot, I mean, A LOT. To the point I skipped the entire sex scenes.

Despite all of it, I still enjoy it more than the second book though. Eventhough it’s cliche, I enjoyed seeing Dean ‘suffer’ when Allie said she just wanna be friends with him after their first fantastic hook-up.

That one big plot twist, I didn’t see it coming. Kinda sad that it happened though.

I gave this book



The Goal (Off-Campus #4)—is about Sabrina James and John Tucker The Score ended up with Tucker telling his friend that he’s going to have a kid with Sabrina. So the first half of the book leading up to that moment.

Damn if the first few pages of this book didn’t make me sick. I can’t believe people like Ray exist or that he’s not behind bars yet, baffled me. I admire Sabrina strengths dealing with all the hardships in her life. It’s true what they say, people who looks tough on the outside are usually soft on the inside, just like crab, behind all those hard shells, is soft and delicate meat.

Now Tucker, my man, sweet mama’s boy to the core, I adore him so much. He’s so patient and gentle with Sabrina. Always believe in her and got her back eventho she’s nothing but pushed him away as hard as she could. He knows, when to give her space or when to put his foot down so Sabrina’s stubborn pride would give in.

They are just so perfect for each other. Despite all the bumps they’ve found in the road, the manage ride them all together.

The Goal is my favorite book from the Off-Campus series after The Deal.

I gave this book

3.5 hearts

Conclusion: If you wanna know how the life of college hockey players are leading, try reading this series! Elle Kennedy’ s strengths is her ability to create funny dialogues. One of the reason why I keep reading her books in this series even though her stories seems like a recycle story from the first book. I still enjoyed it.



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