BOOKS REVIEW: Most Wanted Series by Diana Palmer


Summary: What do you get when you mix feisty heroines, rugged private detectives and a whole mess of trouble…?A classic Diana Palmer collection of love and adventure. All three full-length novels are based around the Lassiter Detective Agency of Houston, Texas, where urban cowboys meet their match when three strong-willed women prove you can find love in the most unlikely situations.

The Case Of The Mesmerizing Boss (Most Wanted #1) <.> Published:  July 1st 1997 by Harlequin Books (first published February 1st 1992) <.> Pages: 221 pages.

The Case Of The Confirmed Bachelor (Most Wanted #2) <.> Published:  May 1st 1992 by Silhouette  <.> Pages: 186 pages.

The Case of The Missing Secretary (Most Wanted #3) <.> Published:  August 1st 1992 by Silhouette <.> Pages: 188 pages.


the-case-of-the-mesmerizing-boss-most-wanted-1The Case Of The Mesmerizing Boss — is about Dane Lassiter and Tess Meriwether

Former Texas Ranger Dane Lassiter knows all about wanting. He had wanted Tess Meriwether for years, but he had scared her away after nearly claiming her innocence in one out-of-control moment. But when Tess barely escapes a killer’s bullet, Dane appoints himself her protector, whisking her away to his Texas ranch. Now his toughest challenge is convincing Tess to accept safety in his arms.

I love it when my book hero has some kind of darkness in him. But Dane Lassiter is over the top creepy. I know, I know, when it comes to books in this genre I shouldn’t be so judmental and just enjoy the romance part. The thing is, the romance part wasn’t doing it for me. It didn’t make my heart flutter. And I think Tess Meriwether deserves someone better than Dane.

I gave this

2 hearts

The Case Of The Confirmed the-case-of-the-confirmed-bachelor-most-wanted-2Bachelor — is about Tabitha Harvey and Nick Reed

Tabby and Nick’s story definitely better than Tess and Dane. I’m loving every words in it. Well not everyy words but you get the gist. xD

This book has an actual plot. Not just ‘throw random reason why the heroine needs to be protected and send her to a secluded area so they can finally have sex’ type of plot.

I find the case in this book so interesting. Two artifacts went missing and Tabitha is the suspect. Since she was the last person who had them. Bracing herself to ask for help to Nick, despite their ‘accident’ last New Year’s party.

The big reveal at the end is a bit let down BUT one I didn’t expect it to be.

I gave this

3 hearts

the-case-of-the-missing-secretary-most-wanted-3The Case of The Missing Secretary — is about Kit Morris and Logan Deverell.

Kit Morris is working at Lassiter Detective Agency after she quit from her old job, as Logan Deverell’s secretary.  Logan has been begging Kit to come back to work for him again, but she didn’t want to, because turned out she is so natural as a detective.

I love this book so much. Kit is so lovely and I want to punch Logan most of the time but you just can’t help rooting for them because clearly they meant to be together.

Me and this book go way back. You could say this was my first adult romance book I’ve  ever read. I remember vividly when I was thirteen (?!?!!!!) I stole this book from my uncle’s bookshelf. I KNOW I KNOW. I WAS A BAD GIRL! But I was so naive, I thought this book was about real detective story okay? Little did I know… In my defense it was a translated version, so I KNEW they censored a lots of words. So it wasn’t as detailed as the English ones (in terms of the sex scenes parts). Back then I didn’t even fully understand most of the words though. So…

I gave this

5 hearts

Conclusion: If you wanna read about assemble of amazing cast of characters, addictive and fast but yet leave you wanting to reread them right away, try this series! I guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!



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