BOOK REVIEW: Rejected Writers Take the Stage by Suzanne Kelman

Title: Rejected Writers Take the Stage

Author:  Suzanne Kelman

Published:  June 6th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing

Pages:  288 pages.

Summary: After months of playing the lottery and hoping for an uptick in her dog-boarding business, Janet’s friend Annie must face the inevitable: the bank is foreclosing on her family farm. But thanks to the Rejected Writers’ Book Club, Annie doesn’t have to face it alone. With just a few weeks to raise the $20,000 that she and her fifty rescue dogs need to avoid becoming homeless, the writers need a fund-raiser, and fast. Much to Janet’s horror, Doris has another crazy plan.

Thanks to the Author for giving me free digital copy in exchange of an honest review!

This book started few months after Janet’s trip with the ‘Rejected Ladies’ to San Fransisco. Janet thought she could take a breather from Dorris. But she is so wrong if she thinks she can get away from Dorris, because out of nowhere Dorris came to Janet’s place of work to tell her they have an emergency meeting.

What would it be about this time? Another crazy ‘adventure’ for their group?

Dan—the guy they met on their road-trip and become close to Flora—comes to Southlea Bay. But he wasn’t alone. He came with his childhood friend, Marcy.

This is what frustrated me the most. Marcy is unbelievably annoying.


Dan is ten times worse than her. Why? Because how poorly he handles the many ’WTF’ moments. Like if I were Flora, I would have left him in heartbeat especially after THAT ONE moment. Like how thick can you be for not knowing that Marcy wanted something more than being a friend? Dude, please! I honestly almost feel bad for Marcy. This is the reason why I gave it three hearts.

Overall, I love this book. I love how they helped each other when one needed it the most and how protective they towards each other. Even Dorris. Yes I love her. She is the glue that glued them together and kept them intact. I love that Janet’s daughter is kind of a part of the Rejected Writer’s club now. And it’s in a way, because of Dorris. The ‘Rejected Ladies’ will always have special place in my heart.

I gave this book

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