Rating System

Rating System

I rate my book mostly depends how I feel when I read the book. I will tell you what I liked and don’t like about the book.

5 hearts

5 hearts: I really loved the book, I FEEL THE FEELS, most likely to re-read right after I finish the book.

4.5 hearts

4.5 hearts: Loved the book. I FEEL THE FEELS.

4 hearts

4 hearts: Loved the book.

3.5 hearts

3.5 hearts: I really really liked the book.

3 hearts

3 hearts: I liked the book.

2.5 hearts

2.5 hearts: I like the book as a whole but there are some issues I’ve had with the book.

2 hearts

2 hearts: It was alright.

1.5 hearts

1.5 hearts: Did not Like it.

1 hearts

1 heart: Hate the book. Wish it doesn’t exist(Jk).

DNF – Did Not Finish. I hate when this happened. Because even tho I hate the book, I still want to finish it. I will DNF the book when I skimmed most of it or I just can’t anymore even after 100 pages.