Book Review: Dilan: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 (Dilan #1) by Pidi Baiq


Title: Dilan: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 (Dilan #1)

Author: Pidi Baiq

Published: 2014 by Pastel Books (Mizan Group)

Pages:  332

Summary: [Goodreads]



At first, I was being skeptical to read this book. I’m afraid it wouldn’t meet my expectation.Because I’m not really sure the quality of Indonesian’s romance books. Moreover, I have never read any book written by Pidi Baiq before. So I wasn’t familiar yet with the writing style of the author.

But only by reading the first page, my attention immediately focusing on the book. This book is so unique. First of all, every chapters are consist of bullet point (?), so it’s really easy to mark where I’ve been reading. Second of all, it’s Dilan of course. The truth is, a man like Dilan is rare—almost none existence—in this world. Actually, I hate it a male character like Dilan. It just there’s something in him that made me fall in love with him. His persistence. Dilan would never give up to pursue Milea with his own unique way. I find myself laughing reading about his odd behavior but success made me melting

The conclusion is, this book succeed made me FEEL THE FEELS. And a book about love doesn’t have to be about the rich falls in love with the poor anymore. Sometimes, a simple story and not extravagant could make the reader to lost the ability to even. LOL! I’m so glad to have read this book. Pretty sure I’m gonna read the next book!

I gave this book 

BOOK REVIEW: Rejected Writers Take the Stage by Suzanne Kelman

Title: Rejected Writers Take the Stage

Author:  Suzanne Kelman

Published:  June 6th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing

Pages:  288 pages.

Summary: After months of playing the lottery and hoping for an uptick in her dog-boarding business, Janet’s friend Annie must face the inevitable: the bank is foreclosing on her family farm. But thanks to the Rejected Writers’ Book Club, Annie doesn’t have to face it alone. With just a few weeks to raise the $20,000 that she and her fifty rescue dogs need to avoid becoming homeless, the writers need a fund-raiser, and fast. Much to Janet’s horror, Doris has another crazy plan.

Thanks to the Author for giving me free digital copy in exchange of an honest review!

This book started few months after Janet’s trip with the ‘Rejected Ladies’ to San Fransisco. Janet thought she could take a breather from Dorris. But she is so wrong if she thinks she can get away from Dorris, because out of nowhere Dorris came to Janet’s place of work to tell her they have an emergency meeting.

What would it be about this time? Another crazy ‘adventure’ for their group?

Dan—the guy they met on their road-trip and become close to Flora—comes to Southlea Bay. But he wasn’t alone. He came with his childhood friend, Marcy.

This is what frustrated me the most. Marcy is unbelievably annoying.


Dan is ten times worse than her. Why? Because how poorly he handles the many ’WTF’ moments. Like if I were Flora, I would have left him in heartbeat especially after THAT ONE moment. Like how thick can you be for not knowing that Marcy wanted something more than being a friend? Dude, please! I honestly almost feel bad for Marcy. This is the reason why I gave it three hearts.

Overall, I love this book. I love how they helped each other when one needed it the most and how protective they towards each other. Even Dorris. Yes I love her. She is the glue that glued them together and kept them intact. I love that Janet’s daughter is kind of a part of the Rejected Writer’s club now. And it’s in a way, because of Dorris. The ‘Rejected Ladies’ will always have special place in my heart.

I gave this book

You can purchase Rejected Writers Take the Stage at Amazon

More about Suzanne Kelman:

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Being a book blogger from a country outside of US or Europe is really #struggleisreal. I envy those book bloggers or booktuber who are able to attend a book event such as Book Con, YALLWEST, and many more. Like you can meet and chat a bit with your favorite author. Huft, If only I could make my own book panel.

Luckily, Evenbrite inspired me to make my own book panel! Since they are the world’s largest event technology platform in 180+ countries. They build the technology to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Music festivals, venues, marathons, conferences, hackathons, air guitar contests, political rallies, fundraisers, gaming competitions — you name it.

So if I’ve given a chance to create my own Book Panel, it would be like this.

Since I’m from Indonesia, I would like to include my favorite authors from Indonesia:

I discovered Tere Liye last year.  She has wrote TONS of books. Like I’m not even exaggerating. Her books are everywhere. I feel like whenever I go to the bookstore, she always has a new book coming out. I think it would be fun to hear her writing journey in this book panel.

Sitta Karina is the first Indonesian YA Author that I genuinely thought, “Wow, there’s YA author in here that actually write quality content.” Her socialite life writings what drew me to her. Since I’m not one, it’s fun to imagine how is it like to be one. Sitta Karina also write a good fantasy book. Even though her writings are heavily influenced by the Western culture, I love how she could add some Indonesian culture in her writing as well, and somehow she makes it work. It’s beautiful, doesn’t seem weird at all.  It’d be lovely if she can share her tips and trick!

I obviously have more than two authors, but their names are on the top of my head right now. and I don’t want this post to be too long than it already is since I’m rambling now. 😛

Who doesn’t know the almighty J.K. Rowling to be honest? Does she really need an introduction? Okay, Okay. This woman has written 7 amazing books during my childhood that I sort of grow up reading them. I remember I could read her book [I was maybe 10 or 11 years old?] in one sitting and read it over and over until the next book comes out. I still have yet to read her other books outside the Harry Potter series. I will read them eventually. So don’t Avada Kedavra me yet! Reason why she’s on my book panel? Really, isn’t it obvious? I wasn’t being subtle at all 😉

If Harry Potter were there during my childhood, Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer, were there during my Young Adult life. I could write an essay about how Twilight changed me as a reader or as a person rather. But I would spare you all the unwanted details. In a nutshell, without Twilight I wouldn’t be here writing a book review. I wouldn’t even have a book blog at all. I wouldn’t meet some people that now become one of the most important people in my life. I want her on my book panel so I can properly show her how grateful I am that she wrote Twilight.

Marissa Meyer wrote retelling of fairy tales, re-imagining if they are in a futuristic setting. That concept alone is enough to make me rushing to the nearest bookstore to buy her book. So far I’ve read Cinder and Scarlet. I can’t wait to read the other two and the novellas of course. How did she even come with that concept, I want her to tell me in person. 😉

Ruta Sepetys probably the only person who could read me a bedtime story about World War II and I wouldn’t be fell asleep until she finished her story. She is that good. She can actually pull you into her story. As if you are the one who’s experiencing the WW II. It would be awesome to hear her process of writing.

Of course I have to include him, now that he has published a book. I have a valid reason to include him in my book panel. Despite him being my favorite actor of all time, he is a great writer as well [I might be a lil bit bias here, but who cares, this my panel after all!] I really like his writing, his humor is so witty. Here’s to more of Jesse Eisenberg’s books in the future!

austin hanafiah


luna lovegood

Bella Swan

As you have probably noticed that I didn’t use the picture of the actors who actually played those characters in the movie version. I mean no harm, this is just what I pictured the characters looks like when I read the books even before the movies comes out. Not that I have something against them 😉


  1. Are you the type of writer who writes in the middle of the night? Like me, I personally love to write in the middle of the night.
  2. What type of book do you like to read when you were in the process of writing one? Or do you avoid it altogether afraid it might influence your writing?


  1. AustinHow is it like to be an perfectly imperfect guy? LOL. Just Kidding. How is it now that you are a father? With your new business and all, how do you manage your time? I hope your agriculture business goes well.
  2. BellaCan we hangout sometimes? Take me when you go “hunting” perhaps? 😉
  3. LunaWhat was the weirdest creatures you have ever seen in your life?
  4. Cath—There are a lots of published fanfictions nowadays. Have you ever considered to publish your own fanfiction?

As if I would let someone else to moderate my very own book panel :p

Since I live in Jakarta, Jakarta Convention Centre.

There you have it. My Dream Book Panel. Tell me in the comments down below what’s your dream book panel like? 😀 Or link me to your post if you end up doing this.

Thank you, Eventbrite! For giving me the opportunity to participate in this cool fun post! Don’t forget to check out their conference page if you want to register for conferences in your local area!

A/N: This is not a sponsored post in any way. Eventbrite approached me with an idea that I couldn’t pass it up. All of the pictures and gifs belong to the rightful owner.  None of them are mine.

BOOKS REVIEW: Most Wanted Series by Diana Palmer


Summary: What do you get when you mix feisty heroines, rugged private detectives and a whole mess of trouble…?A classic Diana Palmer collection of love and adventure. All three full-length novels are based around the Lassiter Detective Agency of Houston, Texas, where urban cowboys meet their match when three strong-willed women prove you can find love in the most unlikely situations.

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